Dominator Car Desk

Pro Desks Dominator is an advanced locking laptop desk which perfectly fits any cars.
dominator laptop mountsThe Dominator Locking laptop desk is one of the key mobile computing products by Pro Desks. The Dominator is among the most advanced laptop mounts available in the market. The manufacturer has made significant renovations to this new Dominator model. The changes were made right from the seat bolt-up, to improve durability and make the desk more functional and firm. One more outstanding feature is that Dominator can now support laptops with wide screen. The Dominator locking laptop desk is also equipped with the new locking top and pedestal which plays the role of securing the laptop with the durable mounting system.

The Pro-Desks Dominator is the most recently released laptop mount which has the most secure and unique locking pedestal and desktop. These features can not be found on similar models made by our competitors. The locking system simply locks down the laptop along with the pedestal so that the pedestal can not be removed. The base is in good shape directly to the seat rails of any cars.

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The Dominator Locking Laptop Desks Fits All Super Duty Ford F 250 – F 350 – F 450 – F 550. It does not fit Harley Davidson Model. A split bench or bucket seat will be required.

Dominator locking laptop desk comes with the most powerful articulating arm and upright pedestal compared to other products on the market. computer mounts for trucksNo other products can be compared to Dominator in terms of stability.

The durability of this laptop desk is not the same as other laptop desks out there. It is far more powerful. The great thing about this laptop desk is that the mobility of the car is not compromised. Passengers can enjoy free movement while sitting on the seat.

Do the comparison yourself; you will quickly realize the Dominator locking laptop desks do not have any competitors.

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You can protect your laptop from a quick theft by using the Dominator.

dominator vehicle laptop mountWith the keyed knob scheme on both the desktop and the pedestal, both the rotating knobs can be locked in to secure the laptop as well as the mounting system to prevent quick theft of the laptop or the desk. This averts quick theft of both the laptop, and the desk while using it.

You can easily lock the laptop to the mount and leave your car with the peace in your mind. While it can take a few minutes to get the laptop from the system, the Dominator locking laptop desk is a foolproof way to protect your laptop when you are working on a construction site.

The Dominator comes with a serious and professional base.

computer stands for semi trucksThe base of this laptop desk easily fits and also gives reinforcement to mount the pedestal which is durable and loaded with functions. This base can fit perfectly into the new cars and provides the strength required to hold the heavy duty pedestal and also the desktop. A 17″ widescreen laptops can be held on this mount without any troubles.

Besides, you can easily unlock it and slide your laptop from the desk and take it anywhere you want to. It is very easy to use and just lift the laptop when you want to move.

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The design of Dominator is ergonomic and extremely useful. Users can bring the articulating arm around to the driver as well as rotate the top up to 360 degrees and even swivel it up and down to achieve the right position.

computer stands for trucksThis way, there are no issues with free movement, unlike other similar desks. The full 360 degree rotation feature of the upright, together with the full rotation provided by an articulating arm and by the socket on the desktop bottom, makes the Dominator totally easy to position.

Any users can adjust the laptop position without having any difficulties.

The Dominator locking laptop desk comes with an innovative top which accommodates laptops of any size and width.

no drill laptop mount for suvA laptop with large screen can easily fit well with ease. Removing the laptop from the mount can be done in just seconds. You will not lose any minutes of your precious time just to take the laptop out of the mount when the working day is complete.

Laptops of all types, such as the ToughBook or rugged Notebook, can be held and locked securely with the new locking clamp mechanism.

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truck mount computer standsThe improvisations have made way to suit different laptops with varying dimensions, including the 17″ widescreen computers.

There are two absorbing pads that not only avert shock, but also cool the laptops, courtesy the modified side clams that allow users to shut the screen for better airflow.

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computer holder for truckLook at this image.

From the image, you can easily notice that the passenger space is not interfered although there is Dominator laptop desk installed in the car. This locking laptop desk does not take up the space of the passenger. He can still move as normal.

With this laptop mount installed, the passenger hardly realizes the presence of the pedestal. The upright can be effortlessly pulled out of the base tube when the desk is not in use.

One more advanced feature of the Dominator is that it is designed to come right over the passenger side, thus the laptop can be used from the driver seat or the passenger seat or even from outside. The Dominator and the Enforcer II shares this same great feature.

With all those outstanding features, the Dominator offers an easy solution for those who love working on the go. You can work with any positions, from standing to sitting.


This is an advanced laptop mounting desk for notebook, widescreen computer, there are adjustments right up to 17″ widescreen, so practically any late model computer will fit.

Finally, purchasing the Dominator laptop desk is a wise investment because this locking laptop mount can easily fit with any cars. All you need to do is to change the base.

The articulating arm can be brought to the driver, the top can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Users can simply swivel the top up and down to find the most suitable position. Like other types of mobile laptop desks made by Pro Desks such as the Enforcer, the Enforcer II, the Extreme, the Enforcer Max, the Dominator locking laptop desk has the tallest upright, the longest articulating arm; all of it locks.

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Your laptop is perfectly protected from vibration and shock during the move thanks to the two rubber isolation strips on the Dominator.

Between these two rubber isolation strips, there is a center section which allow air flow to cool your laptop while you are using it.

Pro Desks Dominator is currently sold at $647.00 USD