Enforcer II Car Desks

computer stands for trucksOne outstanding feature of the Enforcer II is that it was made to bolt right to the seat rail bolts, so there’s no drilling required.

Users can simply swivel, tilt, turn and adjust the laptop keyboard position to find the most comfortable position to work.

The Enforcer II comes with an articulating arm making it easy for users to turn the laptop mount from side to side. With this great feature, no matter where you sit on your car, you can still use the laptop. Operation is allowed from either side, even from outside the car.

Depending on certain situations, users are able to bring the desktop position up or down thanks to the height adjustable main rod of this Enforcer. The arm can be brought up over top in case users have a big console. All Enforcer features are highly adjustable; any configuration can be accomplished without any difficulties. The rod is well designed to do the task, thus users do not need to purchase any special rods.

The Enforcer also comes with professional Shock Pads which play the role of absorbing impact, thus protect your equipment.

Seat Bolt installation is what makes Enforcer II stand out from other laptop desks on the market. No Drilling.

truck-desk-enforcer-ii-small4You can easily notice the 3 T Locking Knobs which play the role of adjustment locations. When you want to turn the desk position, you just need to loosen one or all the knobs, then swivel the desk into your desired position and retighten them.

The Enforcer II can be operated with the presence of the passenger. This desk stays in its own space and will not interfere with the passenger. It allows users to operate on the laptop from both the driver and the passenger seat. All you need to do is to adjust the position of the desk.

The Enforcer II provides an easy mobile computing solution for those working on the road.

The features of Enforcer II are much similar to its previous model, the Enforcer. The only difference between them is the base plate. Enforcer desks are designed for the Police, so its base is much different than that of the Enforcer II which is built for the Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC Trucks.

laptop mounts for pick up trucksA primary criterion people expect when searching for car laptop desks is the number of years they last. A F-450-SDcar laptop desk is not cheap, so people usually look for products which can provide years of rugged use. The Pro Desks Enforcer II meets this requirement. Users can buy just one Enforcer II, and use it for the whole life. You can change your car models many times, but you will never need to buy a new laptop mount to suit the models. Enforcer II can be moved easily from one car to another. You just need to change the base to accommodate with the car models.

Enforcer II is purposely designed for rugged commercial usage on a job site. This laptop desk is a perfect solution for people who work in law enforcement, Police Cars, EMS, construction and oilfield. This advanced desk is also highly appreciated by long haul trucker, delivery vans, consultants and professionals.

A summary of Enforcer II features:

  • Direct Shipping UPS right to your door
  • 3 Year Warranty – most competitors are 30 days vehicle laptop desks
  • Field Tested
  • Built For Police Use – they did not want the mount swinging around in high speed situations, or when slamming on the brakes, or extreme cornering, this desk was built for that extreme use
  • The Enforcer II comes with a custom designed base plate that uses the existing seat bolts, all things you do is just loosen them, slide the base plate over, re-tighten the lock nuts.
  • The Enforcer II is designed for rough use applications, construction, oilfield, off road applications, field & job sites, and designed tough to withstand this environment.
  • laptop holder for truckFast and simple installation process. With the custom designed base plate, you install using the front seat bolts, this securely mounts this desk for tough dependable service.
  • Shock Control Top – shock absorbing desk top reduces vibration impact to your computer, minimizing the risks to your equipment.

The Enforcer II is made from the most durable, highest quality materials in the industry.

Rugged High Quality Materials – By checking the upright size, the articulating arms and also the desk size and comparing it with any other laptop desks on the market, you can quickly realize this Enforcer II is especially built for cars and police duty.

Featured with the Height Adjustment of 28”, the Enforcer II can swivel over any console, communication and radio equipment.

The articulating arm feature makes it simple to use the laptop from the outside of the car.

computer truck mountThe desk top provides secure hold mechanisms. It also ensures the laptop screen to close securely.

You can still work while traveling without being worried about the shocking risks on the road. Enforcer II has an advanced shock control system which helps to secure your laptop when you are traveling.

This shock control system is highly helpful for those who have to work while moving. Let’s say your doing a soil sampling analysis on an agricultural application, your going up and down the field using gps taking soil samples at grid locations – your driving across the field
Take an oilfield consultant – pounding up and down lease roads
Construction Sites, Police Car and Fire and Rescue – don’t settle for a wimpy competitor product, get the Enforcer II.

The Enforcer II belongs to a small group of professional laptop desks. This particular desk can beat any cheap light duty mounts which cannot operate perfectly as the Enforcer II under the same conditions.

This desk are purposely designed to use in hard conditions which oil field, construction, contractors, long haul truckers and all Public Safety personnel will put it through. If you work in these fields, forget about the cheap light duty imitators, go get this amazing desk.

Pro Desks Enforcer II is currently sold at $495.00 USD