Enforcer Max Big Rig Desk

semi truck deskPro Desks Enforcer Max is purposely designed for Semi Truckers. The Enforcer Max and Extreme share similar advanced features; however the Enforcer Max is taller. We call the Enforcer Max is the tall Extreme version.

The Enforcer Max fits laptop of all sizes since it comes with a width adjustable desktop. It also has shock absorbing pads which help protect your laptop from getting damaged due to expected shocks on the road.

The Enforcer Max desktop can swivel, tilt, and turn, enabling you to easily work on your laptop from every position you sit. With thanks to the flexible desktop, you can adjust your laptop keyboard direction and enjoy the comfortable working position.

This laptop desk also has an articulating arm. You can turn the mount from side to side and work from either sides of the front seats with the help of this articulating arm. The arm makes it simple for you to work on the laptop while standing outside your vehicle as well.

Depending on your situation, you can choose to use high or low desktop position. Accommodating the height cannot be simpler with the help of a height adjustable main rod. As we mentioned previously, the Enforcer Max is tall version of the Extreme; it can go up to 28” in height adjustment.

The shock pads are designed to absorb impact and keep your laptop safe on the mount.

The Enforcer Max comes with various advanced features; thus it is very user-friendly. Installing this desk should not take you more than 25 minutes. All the mounting hardware is included when you purchase. This advanced desk bolts directly to the floor; all the mounting hardware is included when you purchase the product, making installation process a piece of cake.

truck desksThe articulating arm is designed from the highest quality material in the industry, giving it a rugged durability. You laptop will be keep in stable status no matter how long the haul is or how good or bad the road situations are. All these great features make this articulating arm exclusive.

The Enforcer Max is a tall version, so the upright is a tall. This upright uses the heavy wall tubing, batwing supports and lock collar height adjustment settings. The pedestal and the desktop come with full rotation function, enabling the maximum flexibility. With this rotation function, adjusting your laptop to the suitable position cannot be easier.

Pro Desks provide direct shipping. We ship UPS Flat Rate at 16.00. This semi truck desk is heavy so you definitely get a break with our shipping fee. Pro Desks also offer 3 year warranty which beat all our competitors warranty policy. Our competitors often offer 30 days of warranty only. The supper strong Enforcer Max, like all of our previous laptop desk models, is field tested. With the advanced built in shock absorption, this desk reduces the vibration on the road. It also comes with a maximum height adjustable.

semi truck laptop mountThis semi truck desk is especially suitable for those who need to work during their long haul. Anyone can install this desk within minutes without having any difficulties. Using the Enforcer Max is a wise decision for those who need to work long hours on the road. With the advanced shock control top, this laptop desk protects your laptop to the maximum level; any vibration impact will be removed.

The Enforcer Max comes with a height adjustment of 28”, making it easy to swivel over any console, communication and/or radio equipment.

semi laptop standBelow is a short summary of the most advanced features of the Enforcer Max:

  • A height adjustment of 28”
  • A rugged, durable articulating arm
  • Full 360 degree rotation of pedestal and desktop
  • A desk top which provides secure hold mechanisms, allowing the laptop screen to close securely
  • A shock control system to help protect your laptop from shocks and vibration on the go

With all those features, this semi truck desk is supposed to be the most advanced vehicle laptop desks on the market. Those innovative features make the Enforcer Max stand out from those light duty laptop mounts which cannot work well under the same hard conditions that the Enforcer Max is subjected to.

Pro Desks Enforcer Max is currently sold at $395.95 USD

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