Mongoose Police Desks

Pro Desks Mongoose Locking Mobile Computing Police Desk

Our advanced locking model

The laptop mount base

Lower pedestal

upper pedestal and rotational slide

Aluminum top with tilt and 360 degree rotate

adjustable side clips for fitting any laptop

either side of vehicle usage even outside vehicle

locking desktop for securing laptop

transport mode for safe vehicle travel with laptop installed

passenger side use just like a desk

drivers side ergonomic mobile computing

Pro Desk Mongoose Parts List
Pro Desks Mongoose Parts

The Pro Desks Mongoose arrives in a brown box. All the pieces are neatly packed in a spray type foam for zero movement and secure shipping. The Aluminum top, the rotational slide mechanism, the base with angled rise, and two pedestals along with the required bolts and nuts, washers etc. to install. All of it came with complete instructions.

This is going to be a very easy install for anyone, simple hand tools are all your going to need, the parts are precision engineered and fit together perfectly, all of this is what makes up the Pro Desks Mongoose, the top mobile computing desk available today!




Pro Desks Mongoose Base Installed
Pro Desks Mongoose Base


The base of the Pro Desks Mongoose is the first piece that needs to be installed. When your receive your mobile computing package, take all the parts out, then proceed to the vehicle, instructions in hand. Once you have reviewed your instructions you remove the two seat retaining bolts, place the base up to the holes, and reinstall the bolts. Tighten accordingly. The particular base has the nuts for the angled riser and or pedestal “welded” in place, your only going to use a stud, working down from the top, you won’t need to reach under and hold any nut or anything, or put the angled riser on first, it works great putting it on after the base is in place.



Pro Desks Mongoose Lower Pedestal
Pro Desks Mongoose Lower Pedestal

The next step in assembly of your laptop desk is bolting the lower pedestal to the base, we opted to not use the angled riser as we had the magazine rack and full console in this Dodge Laramie, so we went straight up off the base with the lower pedestal. This bolts onto the base using the studs I mentioned were in the package.

In mobile computing these two components are the very support of your laptop police desk. Bolting right to the existing seat rails this way makes it very solid. The seat rails of course are engineered to be extremely stable. The lower pedestal is very thick steel pipe, for holding a laptop, it’s super strong.

The length of the lower pedestal allows for height adjustment of your laptop mount, as you can slide the upper pedestal up and down in the lower shaft until you find the “height you like”, as it has a fair length to it.



Pro Desks Mongoose Upper Pedestal and Slide
Mongoose Upper Pedestal and Slide

The next step is to bolt together the upper pedestal to the rotational slide arm of your mobile laptop mount. This rotational slide arm has four bolts that hold it to the top of the upper pedestal. The upper pedestal has a tube shaft with a split collar type spreader once inserted into the lower pedestal, you simply tighten a bolt on the top of the upper pedestal and it locks in into the lower one.

Ingenious really, and allows you to set the height, and or change the height if you need to quite easily, loosen the nut, lift it up or down, retighten. The slide mechanism on your computer mount is really slick. This unit has a round knob on the very end of it, that is closest to you, you pull it out, and rotate the arm to the desired position. You can place your laptop desk at the desired position for the most ergonomic computing. Also the slide mechanism allows you to “Slide It Toward or Away From You”, bringing it close for work, then just slide it away for transport or driving. It clicks into locks and has been tested 50,000 times to ensure this slide doesn’t fail!


Pro Desks Mongoose Aluminum Top
Pro Desks Mongoose Aluminum Top

The photo to the left illustrates the Aluminum top installed onto the rotational slide arm of your computer holder for your vehicle. The Larger round knob is the “tilt adjustment” of the desktop itself. The small silver knob you see is the “slide adjustment” of the slideout arm.

This is a fully rotating top, it rotates 360 degrees, so you can turn it around, position the desk where-ever you like, show a passenger, or a person standing outside at a job site the screen, any number of options are available for placement and positioning of your new laptop stand.

This has all went together without a hitch, everything fit very well, all professionally finished and powdercoated, with no sharp edges or anything of that nature. This is a high end piece of mobile technology gear. When it comes to holding your computer in your vehicle, there is no reason to have a cheap competitor when there is high quality precision engineered mounting systems like the Pro Desks Mongoose!


Pro Desks Mongoose Adjustable Side Clips
Pro Desks Mongoose Adjustable Clips

The adjustable side clips that hold your pc into the desktop are adjustable for depth and position, you can put rugged computers, slim laptops, or virtually any thickness into this desktop, as you just adjust these clips up or down to fit your depth.

Once you have the depth just right, there is rubber slide on protectors, make sure they are on, the put your laptop on the desktop, slide it closed and turn the notched lock knob which is keyed to hold it in place. The knob can be turned preventing the top from coming open, with out using the key.

In event of a collision this top ensure the computer does not come out. Now, for added theft prevention, there is a key provided, you will put that in and lock that knob, so now you can park, leave your laptop in your vehicle, say on a stop at a gas station, or a quick bite to eat, job site building etc. knowing it’s secure.



Pro Desks Mongoose Passenger or Driver Side Use
Pro Desks Mongoose Either Side Use

The laptop mounting system from Pro Desks, the Mongoose we are reviewing works from either side of the vehicle, and in fact works standing right outside the vehicle. This is an excellent option when you have to share the screen with some co-workers, or clients right on site. It pulls the laptop right over the edge of the passenger door and use is quite nice standing right there.

The desk of course is easy to rotate and position with the control placed closest to the lip of the laptop facing the user. The angled control allows you to tilt the laptop desk for ergonomic use. This makes the key board nice to use, also when your using your laptop in your vehicle you can tilt the screen to fit where your at in terms of height.




Pro Desks Mongoose Locking Aluminum Top
Pro Desks Mongoose Locking Top

The Pro Desks Mongoose locking laptop mount comes with two keys, so you can keep one at the office, and one in the vehicle. This locking knob is a half turn knob. Once you have your laptop positioned into the mobile computing top, you slide it closed, then turn the knob. This prevents the desktop from coming open. If you wish to prevent theft, you place the key in and lock the knob. Now, that knob will not turn, preventing anyone from getting your laptop out of your vehicle. A locking desktop mobile computer like this is the very best for safety, security and peace of mind. A lot of us these days have a ton of information on our laptops, and having it locked is a great feature. I use my vehicle in all types of location, on the job sites, on construction sites, in cities, near hotels, diners, you name it, so I simply put mine in, lock it, and at the end of the day, unlock and take it out, knowing I can get in and out of the police vehicle and leave it there, secure.



Pro Desks Mongoose Transport Mode
Pro Desks Transport Mode

The transport mode, or position you put your laptop holder in while traveling is very easy on the Mongoose. This aluminum top allows the screen on your laptop to close while driving. This does save on your hinges, as there is no vibration. If your going to be driving with the screen open in say a GPS situation or mapping scenario, then get the additional screen stabilizer arm.

However this works like a charm for those who just close the lid and drive to the next location. You quickly slide the laptop mounting arm back, then swing it over itself, and it locks into position there and can’t move.

This is a fast, secure transport position for your laptop stand in a vehicle with airbags unencumbered and it’s positioned out of the way of the air bags. And it also doesn’t affect the passenger seat movement or passenger.


Pro Desks Mongoose Passenger Side Use
Pro Desks Mongoose Ergonomic

The positions for using the laptop mounting system from either the drivers side, or the passenger side as illustrated. As you can see using this laptop mount from the passenger side is as good as or better than any office desk, and it’s in a vehicle. It has infinite positioning, height adjustable, tilting table and rotational, making this a terrific mobile computing office.

I really like using this desk from either side, but if I am at a location for a long time, I will jump into the passenger side as I can get this desk to really be in a nice spot.

This is a perfect desk for a couple who travels with say and RV, as the spouse, partner etc. can be online, using the mounting system to book the next campsite, or hotel, or to search for sites of interest. Mobile computing technology like this makes traveling so much easier.



Pro Desks Mongoose Laptop Mount
Pro Desks Mongoose Drivers Side

The use from the drivers side of the Pro Desk Mongoose laptop police vehicle desk is terrific. It is in a full size Dodge Laramie and as you can see it clears the big console with ease. This laptop mount comes right over to the drivers side for easy mobile data entry, with fully adjustable desktop for ergonomics.

I think you’ll be very impressed with the Pro Desks Mongoose, I think as they do, this is quite easily the best desk for mobile computing on the market!




Pro Desks Mongoose is sold at $747.00 USD