Pro Desks Welcomes You

Pro Desks Welcomes You! We hope to assist you in finding the correct laptop desk solution and provide some in-depth information on our laptop desk selection. Pro Desks is one of the oldest laptop mounting firms online, with over 12 years of experience in the mobile computing market. Our information site will provide details on all our laptop stands that fit the seat rails of almost all vehicles. We will also be able to share reviews and more features on our on seat desk line with you, as well as our commercial and agricultural desk mounts and off road models.

Trucks, cars, vans, Police and EMS, commercial utility trucks, big rigs, motorhomes and more have laptop desk models designed for each application. We will be going over each of those that work in the industry, providing you with sound options for your mobile computing requirements.

Thank you, drop us a note, give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you,


Merv Carlson


Pro Desks